Data which generally refers to data cabling, is the generic term for runs of network cabling in the walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces of buildings. Generally, data cabling is either Cat5 or Cat6 twisted pair cables. These cables are four pairs of twisted copper wires that are terminated a number of different ways to provide the functionality needed. Installing data cabling can range in difficulty. If the building is being built, and the walls have yet to be finished, cable runs are easy. Retrofitting existing buildings can be very difficult, but there are tools that can help. Regardless of the difficulty, the basic process is still the same.

As an extension of our security services AMS Solutions can now install new phone and data points for your home or office. We can install data points to link all your home computers to a central computer, printer or internet modem.

We will set up data points for network set ups in your office, linking central servers to multiple desktops to help with accounting programs, job dispatch systems and internet connections.

For more information on data points for your home or business, contact AMS Solutions.
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